[ News Catalogue 2013 ]

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[ Products ]

Platek’s products are designed for architectural and residential lighting of outdoor spaces.
The large range of products allows architects and designers to satisfy every installation need : drive over and walk over recessed fixtures, grazing recessed fixtures for scenic lighting; cool touch double glass recessed fixtures; wall and ceiling recessed fixtures, floodlights, underwater floodlights; bulkheads and appliques; bollards and posts for residential lighting.

[ References ]

In the “ illuminazione in Video” section you can see the realization of projects where our lighting fixtures exalt architectonic lines and natural spaces. There is also a section dedicated to the lighting consultancy where are shown some examples of 3D simulation with the employ of Platek light fittings.

[ Lighting consultancy ]

Our design department is available free of charge to all professionals who have the need of our lighting consultancy or advice on the use of our luminaires.
The correct choice of equipment and related light sources are the foundation of a great project that enhances the structure while limiting energy consumption.