Platek will begin its collaboration with TRILUX

Platek will begin its collaboration with TRILUX

Vienna / Arnsberg ,September 2021 – From the 1st September 2021 Platek will begin its collaboration with TRILUX as exclusive distributor for the Austrian market. Platek will therefore be able to have local support from a reputable lighting partner and Trilux will have access to a wide range of architectural outdoor products MADE in ITALY.

Light effects and control are at the centre of Platek’s design and development process whether its for more technical architectural fixtures or for residential decorative luminaires. As an international player focused on innovation Platek has initiated this strategic relationship with a partner that is a market leader in Austria.

“The common values of quality , efficiency and aesthetics are fundamental” says Matthias Sporer , CEO of Trilux Austria. “The Platek lighting solutions in the architectural outdoor segment is  a perfect integration with our product portfolio. In this way we will be able to offer our clients a more personalised and flexible solution.” Concluded Sporer.

“I am convinced that this partnership can be a great opportunity for growth and development” adds Federico Cittadini CEO of Platek srl. “To cooperate with an entity that shares the same values , attention to product , performance and extreme quality and reliability is fundamental to us” concludes Cittadini.

Thanks to the know how in the manufacturing of lighting fixtures Trilux has the opportunity to extend its product portfolio even further with a complete outdoor range with excellent quality and resistance. On the other hand Platek can count on a collaboration with a local market leader so to have a more direct access to lighting projects and a first class customer support.  

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