Dearest everybody, as you may know the Italian Government has decreed restrictive measures for the circulation of individuals to counteract the spread of Covid-19 until next April 3.Platek management immediately activated in order to reorganize the company workflow in a very short time, including the smart working for some departments and modifying the operational framework to work in total safety in design, research & development and logistics areas. We put in place all measures to guarantee respect for ministerial provisions, by restricting the exposure to the contagion of transporters, our logistics personnel and recipients of our deliveries. 

We ensure that Platek is fully functional in all its commercial and productive activities in order to fulfill national and international orders and deliveries within the established time as usual. Today, more than ever, we rediscover the value of our partner, designers, providers and customers network which is supporting each other also remotely like in a big family in order to keep interacting and working together with great enthusiasm. 

Because of the restricted possibility to meet in person, we strengthen all the digital instruments that allow us to keep in touch, to communicate all our activities and to provide you tools and concrete answers also remotely. 

For any further infomation don't hesitate to contact us at the address marketing@platek.eu

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