SPY collection (24)


A very particular family of recess to wall: SPY is present there but not visible. The purity of its geometrical shape makes SPY a visually lightweight product, which does not draw attention, but can be very elegant as soon as it is perceived. When on, SPY provides with marked and enveloping light. The rigorous cleanliness of design is enhanced by the total absence of visible screws. The body, in transparent polycarbonate, accommodates the glass diffuser which is available in several colours. SPY can be used for mounting on concrete or drywall surfaces, both indoor and outdoor.

SPY collection (24)

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Rocco Este
From the very beginning Rocco Este showed a great interest in natural light, shadows and total darkness: in his words, the latter is in fact "The only way to appreciate good light". And it is the light that he chose, as a designer, as the protagonist of his projects, because able to enhance shapes ...

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