Last update: 25/03/2021
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A family of poles by the rationalist design. T4 is a small architectural lighting structure: the body with a square section is composed of two separate volumes by two uprights supporting the light source. At power-on, this ephemeral structure disappears from sight, transforming into two beams of geometrical light which creates a suggestive alternation of light and shadow on the floor. T4 is an efficient tool for the lighting of open spaces, pedestrian areas and urban zones.

Extruded aluminium alloy body and bars. Die-cast head made of aluminium alloy with very low copper content and aluminium alloy floor fixing flange. A4 Stainless steel screws.The product is subjected to galvanic anodizing treatment divided into distinct phases: mechanical satin finishing, surface degreasing, anodic oxidation and finally fixing. Subsequently the product is painted by performing a double pass in-line process, which allows you to generate a single thick protective layer which then generates barrier against atmospheric agents and UV rays. This allows to achieve corrosion resistance performance in salt spray. PMMA diffuser. Pre-treatment with atmospheric pressure plasma is carried out on the surface before gluing of the diffuser on Platek products.

  • IP65
  • IK 10
  • LED
Protection degree
Product with IP65 protection rating.
LED colours
This product is available on request with 3000K or 4000K colour temperature.
Light effect
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Luminous flux range
Colour temperature
Dimensions range
Product code Description "Source" power Plug-in power max Optics Dimmable Power supply
5034611 T4 h. 1200 mm - LED 3000K 17,0 W 21,0 W Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V
5034691 T4 h. 1200 mm - LED 2700K 17,0 W 21,0 W Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V
5034661 T4 h. 1200 mm - LED 4000K 17,0 W 21,0 W Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V
5034612 T4 h. 2200 mm - LED 3000K 26,0 W 30,0 W Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V
5034692 T4 h. 2200 mm - LED 2700K 26,0 W 30,0 W Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V
5034662 T4 h. 2200 mm - LED 4000K 26,0 W 30,0 W Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V

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