A play on lines and a game as inspiration: Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà's Shanghai collection consists of support rods holding equally slender light fixtures, that can be adjusted 180°, from which light beams are emitted like an ideal extension of the rods. The light graphic sign of the Shanghai metal lamps, in three different heights, hints at compositions linked to a variety of different formats, recreating the overlapping sticks at the beginning of the famous game of pick-up sticks.

Extruded aluminium alloy optic body. External power supply with 24V DC constant-current transformer, to be wired in parallel. Spring locking system in  AISI 316. Completed with an optical system which is composed of lens in PMMA. Subjected to galvanic anodizing treatment divided into distinct phases: mechanical satin finishing, surface degreasing, anodic oxidation and final sealing. The product is painted following a continuous two step paint process (epoxy-based primer + polyester-based colour finish), which allows  to generate a single thick protective coating which then generates aprotective barrier against atmospheric agents and UV rays. Before fixing the diffuser on the Platek products a Pre-treatment using an atmospheric pressure plasma process is carried out on the surface. The process activates the ionic load on the surface  exactly where it is needed, thus promoting the best silicone grip possible  and removing any residual release of agents for a longer lasting seal. The next steps are the coating of silicone and the assembly of the diffuser on the lighting fixture, with an automated process to guarantee the perfect sealing of the lamp.

  • IP65
  • IK05
  • LED
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Colour temperature
Dimensions range
Product code Description "Source" power Plug-in power max Optics Dimmable Power supply
3600193 SHANGHAI h. 800 mm - 1 LED 2700K 28° 6,6 W 8,5 W 28° PWM 24V
3600113 SHANGHAI h. 800 mm - 1 LED 3000K 28° 6,6 W 8,5 W 28° PWM 24V
3600293 SHANGHAI h. 1200 mm - 1 LED 2700K 28° 6,6 W 8,5 W 28° PWM 24V
3600213 SHANGHAI h. 1200 mm - 1 LED 3000K 28° 6,6 W 8,5 W 28° PWM 24V
3600393 SHANGHAI h. 1500 mm - 1 LED 2700K 28° 6,6 W 8,5 W 28° PWM 24V
3600313 SHANGHAI h. 1500 mm - 1 LED 3000K 28° 6,6 W 8,5 W 28° PWM 24V

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