Bolle Restaurant / Agnelli Cooking Tools Showroom
Bolle Restaurant / Agnelli Cooking Tools Showroom
PLACE: Bergamo, Italy YEAR: 2019

Illuminate matter to enhance emotions.

A project that seeks more than simply redevelop an industrial area, aiming instead to give life to a venue in which to enjoy quality experience linked to the world of haute cuisine: “Hence, the creation of a multi-dimensional  architectural project translated into a building whose shell and core exude sensations conveyed to visitors as emotions, surprise and desire for discovery”.

The minimalist Platek products were selected for this project in order to  meet the design needs of enhancing shapes with discretion.

The façade features a hand-made decoration that brings to mind primordial elements like “fossils, melted metals and great earth movements”. The circular movements of the plaster are combined with portholes of different diameters, making the façade unique in its kind. Target spotlights mounted on a pole enhance this focal light point of the building: a harmonious combination of easy use and aesthetic elegance capable of illuminating shapes and volumes in a versatile way.

The parking lot is enhanced by bollards like Team, which elegantly leverages ambient light, and Blend, whose design interacts with daylight creating shadows and visual softness, pleasing the eye even when turned off.

Being capable of striking balance between sculptural form and lighting technology, the Blend bollard has also been installed at the entrance, where it provides efficient service light and delivers pleasant aesthetic notes.

In the interior, the staircase, deliberately designed in the opposite direction to that of the entrance, is illuminated by Target spotlights. It is “a bold choice that forces visitors to take a few steps back, almost to reset the thought to focus on the next emotion”.

The reception area is illuminated by E2 ceiling recessed and Mini floor recessed lights; the restaurant features E4 recessed lights, whose discreet presence gives guests great visual comfort. The light effect engenders a welcoming ambiance that also enhances the shapes of the three giant circular Venetian stucco partition walls.

Simple materials and neutral colours whose essence contributes to a result of great architectural impact: this is what architect Marco Acerbis has envisioned for Bolle Restaurant and the Agnelli Cooking Tools Showroom, in which “matter is transformed into emotions”.

Bolle Restaurant / Agnelli Cooking Tools Showroom

Bergamo, Italy

Bolle Restaurant/Agnelli cooking tools showroom

Marco Acerbis
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