Friday Harbour Resort
Friday Harbour Resort
PLACE: Ontario, Canada YEAR: 2019

The perfect set-up for both relaxing and having fun

Friday Harbour Resort is an exclusive and luxurious destination in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada. The resort overlooks the shore of Lake Simcoe and is characterized by a small port to allow landing.
The resort is surrounded by greenery and particular attention is paid to conserving the flora and quality of the water, to ensure the balance of the marine fauna despite sudden changes in temperature.

In such a challenging context from a climatic point of view, Platek products were chosen to illuminate the structure. Zaneen Lighting facilitated the local project, alongside project manager Litecorr Cananda, and Landscape Architect, Schollen and Company.

The Tube collection has been arranged in two different heights and versions with RGBW dynamic lighting and white 3000K LED sources, with the addition of a customized cover at the base of the product that hides the fixing to the ground. Tube products are also tested and suitable for the harshest climates: the resort is located in a geographical area for which it is necessary that the products can withstand snow and ice, as well as the humidity typical of a lake area. Tube in the 1 m height and 3000K version was chosen to illuminate wooden piers and walkways to ensure safe walks and movements. Tube in the 4 m height and RGBW version was installed in the pedestrian areas, along the access roads to the marina and on the perimeter of the wooden platform.

Friday Harbour Resort

Ontario, Canada

Landscape architect: Schollen and Company Project manager: Litecorr Canada Partner: Zaneen lighting
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