Pont de la Matte
Pont de la Matte
PLACE: Saint-Nazaire YEAR: 2015

An imposing monument to the north of the city.


A monumental bridge that represents the main access of the north of the city of Saint Nazaire. It is not just a work of architecture, but also a passageway capable of guaranteeing easier access to the nearby railway station and greater fluidity of traffic dispersal. The Pont de la Matte, built in the place of the previous bridge, is an overpass 62 metres long and 24 metres wide that comprises lanes dedicated to buses and cars, and a pedestrian path. In order to complete this work of great historical value, Platek has shown itself to be essential: by positioning its products, it has succeeded in combining the need of service lights with products that give emotive lighting to the bridge, enhancing its geometrical features. Platek products, in particular the Mini Corniche, have proven to be ideal as they are resistant to impact, corrosion and bad weather. Platek’s work was essential to enhancing the importance of a historical and symbolic work such as the Pont de la Matte, which today represents an evocative architectural welcome to anyone entering the town.

Pont de la Matte



Architect: Claude MACE Tetrarc Agency, Nantes.?
Engineering works: SCE, Nantes.
Lighting of transit lanes: GHM-Eclatec?

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