City of Strasbourg
City of Strasbourg
PLACE: Strasburgo, Francia YEAR: 2013

Strasbourg’s architectural heritage lit up by Platek Light

Strasbourg, the capital of the Alsace region, has always been an important European crossroads ever since ancient times, as its Germanic and Latinate names imply: ‘Strate Burgum’ (‘city at the crossroads’). Today, Strasbourg is a cosmopolitan city, sitting halfway between Paris and Prague. The permanent seat of the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg has been the favoured abode of many a famous fi gure in history, such as Gütenberg, Calvin, Goethe, De Lisle and Pasteur, among others. A city of breathtaking beauty, its historic centre was classifi ed a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988. As part of a project to beautify the architectural heritage in the heart of the city, the Urban Community of Strasbourg commissioned Platek Light to provide the lighting. Indeed, Platek Light is responsible for illuminating the most important sights along the banks of the River Ill, which fl ows through the city centre and the characteristic Petite France district. Sights include the late 17th-century Barrage Vauban (also known as the Grande Ecluse), a weir that once formed part of the city defences; the Pont Sainte Madeleine and Pont Saint-Martin fortified bridges (known jointly as the Ponts des murs couverts); the Palais des Rohan, a residential palace belonging to the influential Rohan family, four members of which consecutively held the office of Bishop of Strasbourg diocese throughout the 18th Century; and the Ancienne Douane (old customshouse). The River Ill frames and reflects the facades of these buildings, especially at night, thanks to the bright lights and colours provided by Platek Light. An awesome sight, enhancing the beauty of the city and adding a sparkle to Strasbourg by night. The products Platek Light chose to use for this ambitious challenge belong to the Tetra range: TETRA 75 Applique and TETRA 140 Applique, TETRA CORNICHE 360, 1200 MINI up-light and floodlight, MINI CORNICHE Applique, MICRO SPRING floodlight, MICRTO STEEL floodlight and SPRING floodlight.

Città di Strasburgo

Strasburgo, Francia

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