PLACE: Bordeaux YEAR: 2015

A project of great historical value


Between the hills of Aquitaine and the vineyards from which the famous Bordeaux wine originates lies the town of Montagne Saint Émilion. The heart of the urban centre is represented by an historical architectural complex composed of a church and a municipal house located at the end of the main road. The goal of the project was the overall redevelopment of the historic centre in order to celebrate some of the most important events in the area. To achieve these results, it was necessary to have extremely versatile products in the lighting effects programming for following the requirements of expertise. The project was launched on the occasion of an important anniversary: The International Day against Breast Cancer. For the occasion, white and red LED products were installed, which are capable of conveying a clear message to the public through a spectacular show of great impact. More specifically, to give the historic architectural complex a three-dimensional feeling, Mini Corniche products were used that were customised according to the designer’s needs. Red LED and white LED sources were chosen dynamically for the windows and for the facade, while dynamic white LED sources were used in order to create suggestive effects. The imposing figure of the church was enhanced by ground recessed lighting and floodlights, creating a symbolic effect recalling the dichotomy of light and divinity. The main object of the square is an imposing cross lit by a cold LED light. Therefore, the project for Montagne-Saint-Émilion best represents Platek’s ability to converge design needs with more spectacular demands. The final result is, in fact, an historical centre prized for its architectural peculiarities that can, at the same time, leave viewers enthusiastic thanks to lighting effects of great visual impact.



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