About Us
About Us

Platek investigates the relationship between man and the environment to improve quality of life through efficient and sustainable lighting. Platek’s mission is to bring the right quantity of light where needed in order to explore new ways of reviving residential spaces, to enhance the architecture, the historical and the cultural heritage of the area, and to create luminous landscapes in green areas.


Platek is an international company projected to innovate in the field of architectural and decorative outdoor lighting. The range of products includes integrated architectural lighting systems consisting of floor recessed concealed lighting, appliques, suspensions, projectors and posts. All these products have an optical systems with LED technology, managed internally by the company.

The excellent know how of the Donati Group - to which Platek belongs - in metal casting allowed the company to design and realize increasingly compact and high-performance lighting fixtures, both in terms of luminous power and energy efficiency.

Light in the heart of the product

Light is the ethereal and impalpable element that designs space and sculpts architecture. It is from the knowledge of the play of light and shade that a building, a garden, a square or a terrace are animated from sunset onwards and are able to convey emotion.

In outdoor use, light accentuates and emphasizes the characteristic element of the landscape and architecture; it defines the boundaries of the spaces, offers safety and orientation, with the utmost attention to the environment, to the sustainability of the solutions, and to the aesthetic sensibility of the public.

In the lighting of homes and private gardens, light is a design element that outlines a new way of interpreting the spaces of life, relaxation, leisure and conviviality.

Thanks to in-depth knowledge on how to shape light to create that luminous effect, Platek supports the professional in designing lighting systems that fit into the most diverse architectural segments, from public areas, historic buildings and gardens to residential areas and sectors such as retail, hospitality, wellness and offices.

Where light is

For Platek, the design of light is a process of continuous investigation of the connection between the luminous effect and the subject.
For Platek, the profound meaning of a lighting project is fulfilled when it manages to create landscapes of light that arouse emotion while respecting the natural environment and human perception.

Light in the heart of the product

Shape and function come together in a product designed to explore new ways of designing with light, inspired by a design far from any stylistic formalism and created to endure a long time.


Platek products are designed to last: the close interdisciplinary collaboration and the joint design of the electronic and computerized parts, of the optical group and of the heat dissipation systems with the design of the lighting body, allow the management of the critical elements from the earliest stages prior to prototyping of the critically important elements that form the basis of the high quality and resistance of Platek products.

Project partner

Platek has developed a collaborative process with professionals and architectural firms, becoming a reference technical partner for supporting and coaching in the management of complex projects and the creation of special lighting effects with dedicated products and custom solutions, both from the point of view of the light source and the finishes.

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