Passion for design is evergreen, just like the expressive and inspirational power of nature, with its evolving scenarios and fascinating cycles.
A force to be reckoned with, that serve as a mentor, an escape and place where to always find beauty: this is Green Forest, one of Platek’s latest nuances.

Green Forest is a nature-inspired colour dedicated to design lovers, a gift and a tool Platek has imagined to create an organic connection between artificial lighting and a living ecosystem. This unusual shade allows to play hide and seek among leaves and plants, having fun while composing a set where to decide what elements are to be concealed and what are to be enhanced.
The colour Green Forest is available for pieces that best express this deep bond between Platek and nature, with shapes that are inspired by the living outdoor world and different heights that allow to simulate a growing lighting ecosystem or to insert the products into a real one.
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