Experience Platek’s Lightscapes at Paysalia 2021.

Experience Platek’s Lightscapes at Paysalia 2021.

Platek gathers its experience with design and light to explore and expand the concept of space. With its micro-worlds unlocking the power of limitless imagination, Platek brings to Paysalia 2021 an oneiric feeling made of infinite product applications. Enter Platek’s Lightscapes and start living a dreamlike reality at STAND 4F28.

Platek brings three new collections to Paysalia 2021: Green Forest , White Dream and Grey Link. An oneiric sensation that wraps these three micro themes and where products can be applied in different environments and a number of applications both indoor and out.  
Green Forest with its nuance inspired by nature can blend the fixtures into the landscape.
White Dream, thought for more residential applications , creates a unique and elegant atmosphere.
Grey Link , represents the perfect urban connection with a colour that is in harmony with modern public spaces.  






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