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MESH is a contemporary revisiting of the classic model of a bedside lamp, where the lampshade is made in turned aluminium, painted and resistant to corrosion. MESH thus becomes a suitable product for outdoor, resistant against water and weather. The light is diffused through small holes on the surface of the lampshade, creating a cozy atmosphere and lighting with special effect. Available as wall lamp, table lamp, with rod and pendant, the collection allows an unlimited use in projects, also due to the right balance between decoration and technical performance. MESH is now also available in battery-powered version.

Плафон и основание изготовлены из устойчивого к коррозии анодированного алюминия. Защита анодированием, эпоксидным напылением и полиэфирной окраской. Штатив выполнен из устойчивой к коррозии и окрашенной стали. Рассеиватель из поликарбоната. Без видимых витов.

  • IP65
  • IK 06
  • LED
LED colour
This product is available on request with 2700K, 3000K or 4000K colour temperature.
Connector IP68 included
The IP68 connector is provided with the product.
Light effect
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Colour Temperature
Product code Description "Source" power Plug-in power max Optics Dimming Power supply
3210116 MESH - LED 3000K 87° 10,0 W 12,0 W 87° Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V
3210166 MESH - LED 4000K 87° 10,0 W 12,0 W 87° Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V

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