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Узнать о коллекции
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Коллекция столбиков в рациональном дизайне. Tetra Parco - это небольшая архитектурная структура, корпус квадратного сечения состоит из двух объемов. Источник света заключен посередине двух вертикальных стоек. При включении они исчезают из вида, появляются два луча света, создающие рисунок света и тени на земле. Tetra Parco - эффективный инструмент для освещения открытых пространств и городских уличных зон

Extruded aluminium alloy body and side shoulders. Die-cast head and flange manufactured in aluminium alloy EN 44300 with very low copper content and aluminium alloy ground fixing flange. Fully concealed ground fixing flange. As an alternative to the traditional polycarbonate (PC),used with diffusers to seal the lamp polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is used , so we obtain characteristics of high transparency, UV resistance and scratch resistance. A4 Stainless steel screws. Subjected to galvanic anodizing treatment divided into distinct phases: mechanical satin finishing, surface degreasing, anodic oxidation and final sealing. The product is painted following a continuous two step paint process (epoxy-based primer + polyester-based colour finish), which allows to generate a single thick protective coating which then generates aprotective barrier against atmospheric agents and UV rays. Before fixing the diffuser on the Platek products a Pre-treatment using an atmospheric pressure plasma process is carried out on the surface. The process activates the ionic load on the surface exactly where it is needed, thus promoting the best silicone grip possible and removing any residual release of agents for a longer lasting seal. The next steps are the coating of silicone and the assembly of the diffuser on the lighting fixture, with an automated process to guarantee the perfect sealing of the lamp.

  • IP65
  • IK 10
  • LED
Product available in different heights
Installation with specific flange or bolts
Product with IP65 protection rating
Product with IK10 mechanical impact rating
Product in 230V in class II
Product dimmable DALI
Световой эффект
Выбери светильник
Фильтры для выбора необходимого светильника
Цветовая температура
Диапазон размеров
Код светильника Описание "Source" power Plug-in power max Оптика Димируемый Блок питания
5035611 TETRA PARCO H. 1330 mm - LED 3000K 26,0 W 28,0 W Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V
5035691 TETRA PARCO H. 1330 mm - LED 2700K 26,0 W 28,0 W Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V
5035661 TETRA PARCO H. 1330 mm - LED 4000K 26,0 W 28,0 W Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V
5035612 TETRA PARCO H. 1930 mm - LED 3000K 26,0 W 28,0 W Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V
5035692 TETRA PARCO H. 1930 mm - LED 2700K 26,0 W 28,0 W Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V
5035662 TETRA PARCO H. 1930 mm - LED 4000K 26,0 W 28,0 W Not dimmable 220 ÷ 240V

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