White Dream

As we know, all the colours of the light spectrum are in white. The light fixture glows steadily in its pure, noble form, fulfilling its vital function. It stimulates the observer’s imagination and foreshadows how a click will transform the natural or architectural setting illuminated by Platek.
The relationship between light and colour is an undeniable scientific fact that underlies the need to inject colour into our designer lighting collections, coupled with the sensitivity of considering visual appeal to be just as important as technology.

Platek has developed a colour palette that contains various symbols: the company’s expertise in metalworking, the dialogue between external lights and the materials with which they will interact. And then, there is the possibility of highlighting the light fixture that disappears in the transition from day to night or vice versa, along with the camouflage inspired by nature from which original shades are created with a nod to contemporary trends.
The range of colours is restrained but comprehensive, it speaks the language of architecture and lifts rather than dominates the quality of metal, the basic material and subject of experimental research and ongoing technical evolution. And the future that Platek imagines is functional; it is a fluid horizon like light in which the outdoors with its elements merges with the indoors.
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